Business loans, at AoneFinance, are designed to offer the funding access instantly than the mainstream lenders in the UK. We are the modern-age lenders and think beyond your credit score. The approval comes primarily based on regular business cash flow and day by day transactions. If they are adequate to make the repayments on time, then no obstacle comes in your way of loan approval.

Unlike traditional lenders, we fund the financial industries. We offer an opportunity to apply for our unsecured business loans on top of over a loan taken from the other lenders. We are quite flexible in our approach.

Start-Up Business Loan: Defining In The Easiest Manner

In the UK, small business start-up loans are referred to as the deal between the lender and the borrower. In the agreement, the borrowers request to borrow money, as they need more money to enhance their business.

All the loans come with particular norms and the rates of interest. Generally, the factors that determine loan approval are:

  • Business credit score
  • Collateral (if the amount is hefty)
  • Overall business strategy

Various lenders have different terms and conditions, and AoneFinance has its pre-requisites, but those are not lonely based on the credit score. When other lenders deny your application, we invite you to take pleasure of our specialised product called business loans for bad credit people.

What Are The Benefits Of Start-up Loans?

Our primary aim is to offer you fast funding that should also be trouble-free and inexpensive. Many individuals have already availed our business start-up loans, and they have been able to make the best use of them. Similarly, you can also fetch the same advantages, and the best part is that we offer funding help to the entrepreneur of every age, like:

  • A local businessperson
  • A young entrepreneur
  • A woman entrepreneur
  • First-time businessperson
  • A supplier
start up business loans

All these business aspirants have the following ADVANTAGES of start-up loans from us:

Competitive Interest Rates

If you approach us, you have the surety of getting competitive interest rates as compared to other lenders in the UK.

No Risk to Personal Details

Your business details are safe with us, as we give equal value to transparency. Your information will not be revealed to any third party.

Flexible Lending Criteria

We give you the option of no prepayment charges and no late repayment fees. However, we can expect timely repayment, and for that, we are committed to every aspect.

Convenient Application Process

Do you want to apply for start-up business loans? You can do this in these three simple steps:

  • Apply online by filling a form with required details
  • Get loan approval on the same day
  • Receive funds to your bank account within 24 hours

Do You Offer First-Time Business Loans?

As the need for business loans is mounting in the UK, more queries have been coming on the loan packages for the first-timers or those who belong to start-ups. As the responsible direct lender in the UK, we understand its importance and ready to offer first-time business loans.

These loans are specifically offered to those who want to shift from a regular job to open their venture. We want to back them in their efforts by making significant arrangements of funds through bespoke loan offers.

Here are the essential features that come up with these new business loans:

No collateral required while submitting the application: These will be the unsecured loans where borrowers do not need to submit their assets. There is no risk involved, and you can borrow funds instantly. However, loans are offered according to your repayment capacity and affordability.

Credit Score is not among the mandatory criteria: While offering such start-up loans, we do not consider your past credit performance. Although it does matter, it will not be considered among the mandatory provisions of the loan approval. Instead, we consider your recent performance and repayment capacity.

Borrowed Amount according to your business plan: We expect you to have the business plan while starting up a venture. We offer these unsecured business loans in the UK according to your business plan. It indicates that we are flexible while finalizing the terms and conditions of a loan deal.

An Important Note: Yes, it is right that we offer first-time business loans, but we still suggest you borrow according to your repayment capacity. You must be confident enough on the loan repayment while applying.

A Dedicated Approach To Take Your Business At Zenith

Applying for our start-up business loans for improving or purchasing something for your business brings much-needed growing opportunity. You get the desired funding that you require desperately to accomplish your business goals. You can even look towards expanding job opportunities within your company.

As our prospective borrower, we give a chance to locate more branches all over the UK. You can take out funds from us according to the total cost and take a step ahead towards commercial success. Here what you get:

Consistency in Repayment: Our easy monthly repayment term allows you to follow the instalment cost of loan comfortably. You can conveniently manage it from your monthly sales cycle.

Borrow as per your cash flow: Irrespective of your credit score, you obtain the chance of availing loans according to your business performance. Please inform us of your usual cash flow and the needed amount. We will arrange everything as per your situation.

Quick business financing: As you receive the funds on the same day of the application submitted, you can quickly execute your business financing and remove any obstacle.

Where You Can Use Small Business Loan?

We give you the liberty to borrow from £1000 to £50000 to fulfil any of the small and large business needs. Our new business loans are useful for solving multiple financial issues. Here are the expenses that these loans can cover for you.

Business Loans to Cover Costs Business Loans to Finance
Improving business property or building for commercial activities Commercial vehicles
Enhancing the old or new equipment Computer or telecommunications tools
Renovating to a leased property used by tenants Production equipment
Business relocation Marketing campaign
Hiring new employees Payment of suppliers

No Location Discrimination- We Fund You Everywhere In The UK

Unlike the other lenders who are more inclined to certain cities when they lend, such as London, Nottingham, etc. we do not discriminate. Our liberal approach teaches us that progress can take birth anywhere, whether it is in a developed urban area or a small town.

Our online presence makes us ubiquitous in reach and easy to access by the borrowers. If you call us from Birmingham, we are right there with our online financial business solutions. Apply through the simple one-page application form and borrow money instantly. We do not need to provide a guarantor or collateral.

We believe that the constraint of location restricts the capacity of the lender as well as the borrower. Many of our clients are from Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland that is among the most populous cities. We expect more number of loan applications this year.

The United Kingdom is among the strongest economies in the world despite the vicissitudes of past and present. After the recent chaos due to corona, the businesspersons are working impressively on their revival plans. With more than 500 applications from Glasgow every day, we can pass a statement with confidence that the business world needs help to grow, and we are there. Liverpool is also in the queue for its efforts to make things better again.

Whether you are a start-up from Manchester or a small local business from the village Bibury, funds can reach you everywhere. Whatever business you do, if it has proper registration and also the due repaying capacity, we are ready to fund. From Bolton to Bristol and from London to Leeds, money for your future business plans is just a few minutes away.

Why AoneFinance For Unsecured Business Loans?

You will get FEE-LESS funding, which is enough to release a burden from you.

You only need to be committed to taking your business at new heights, and we are also ready to back you. Since our inception, we have been able to lead the list of modern-day online lenders offering unsecured startup business loans in the UK. We fund working capital to the industries of any type, such as:

  • Construction companies
  • Grocery stores
  • Beauty salon and spa
  • Fitness club
  • Auto shops
  • Pet stores
  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Health sector

AoneFinance is the perfect lending hub for new and existing businesses in the UK where they can quickly fill the financial gap. The business start-up loans, which we offer, represent our modern approach and meaningful financial assistance. You must not have any doubt when you are following us. Be confident and start applying here.

Business FAQs

How is my business loans eligibility calculated?

Multiple things matter when you are looking to be eligible for business loans. These are:

    What is your business credit score? Yes, the lenders want to know the credit ratings that your business has possessed. They do so to offer the affordable loans.

      How much old your business is? The lenders are also interested in knowing the age of your business in the market. This helps them in targeting your actual need while assisting financially.

        Do you have asset to secure the loan? The lenders are ready to offer business loans if you have the valuable asset to secure the amount. If not, then you can apply for unsecured business loans.

What are the documents required while applying for business loans?

There are not many but a few documents needed while submitting application for business loans:-

  • Proof of annual account of your business
  • Proof of annual turnover that your company is earning
  • Papers of assets that you want to pledge to secure the loan
  • Your credit report (if needed)

Can i apply for business start-up loans with no credit history?

Yes, you can apply for such business loans but only from the direct lenders. They seem flexible to their lending approach and agree to the applications with no credit history is mentioned. However, the loan amount may not be large enough, but suited best for the emergency or any small financial gap.

What if i apply for business loans for bad credit with a Co-signer?

You can easily apply for business loans with having a co-signer. it brings benefits like guaranteed approval even if you do not have a guarantor and low credit score due to bad credit. Besides, you can also get the opportunity to get low interest rates.

What freedom can i expect from start-up business loans with bad credit score?

It can be difficult to tell, as there are more restrictions than freedom. Another thing that matters is the policy of a particular lender.

However, the most vital freedom that you can expect is in improving your credit score. With small borrowed sum for your start-up, if you can manage monthly repayment steadily, then you have every liberty to come into the zone of fair or good credit score.

How can i updated be with new business loans?

It is effortless nowadays. You only have to register with the lender and subscribe to its email. The online lenders like AoneFinance are regularly in communication with its borrowers. You can go through its emails or visit its website regularly to check the latest business loan deals that can be favouring you.

Do start-ups need to provide any personal guarantee for loans?

No, not always start-up loans require a personal guarantee. It depends on the type of loan. It means the short-term loans need no guarantee or security of collateral. AoneFinance offers short-term business loans on flexible terms and conditions without any obligation of guarantor or security.

Why some business types struggle a lot to be eligible for a Start-Up Loan?

Yes, some business types are considered less profitable or high-risk initiatives. Hard coal mining, video game rental, paper stationery manufacturing etc., are some business types that are considered risky. The sale and customer frequency and regularity are always in doubt. But things have changed with FinTech lending, and AoneFinance offers loans to all businesses in repaying capacity.

Do I need to discontinue my Jobseeker's Allowance to obtain a Start Up Loan?

No, you can continue to obtain your jobseeker’s allowance while exploring the start-up possibilities, including a loan. The allowance is a government benefit, and it stops when you claim to stop it. For more details in this concern, you can also contact our customer care to know about the allowance and loan harmony. Our executives are available 24x7 for your support.

Why Choose Business Loans

Apply Online and get cash as soon as into your pocket.

  • Add more to your ‎business capital
  • Expand your business with no lack of funds
  • Choose your own loan repayment term
Representative example
  • Amount of Borrowing

    £2,5000 over 1 year
  • A Variable Representative of

    11.8% APR
  • Monthly Repayment Amount

    £2218.88 for 1 year

Borrowers must be UK residents and aged 18 or over. Credit limits and interest rates vary based on your individual circumstances.

Keep in mind: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems.
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