Joint Loans – Team Up Financial Capacities To Borrow BIG

Joint loans allow more than one person to borrow money and obtain the desired amount through merged creditworthiness. Need money but have weaker repaying capacity? Not to worry! You can borrow money jointly with a family member or known in a short time for any purpose. The double capacity to afford a loan helps you qualify for a larger amount. aonefinance offers inexpensive deals on joint loans without a guarantor and collateral. We make the loan offer lighter in burden through customisation. Get funds for any purpose, and at any time, we are there for you day and night.

How Do Joint Loans Work?

Your borrowing decision can be more confident if you know the complete nature of the loans and the way they work –

  • The sum of annual income or the monthly paychecks of the applicants come under consideration.
  • The financial and personal details of both the applicants get under scrutiny for the affordability check.
  • The prime elements that play a decisive role are – PERSONAL INCOME, EMPLOYMENT STATUS, CREDIT HISTORY, RESIDENTIAL STATUS.

One of the applicants qualify the basic parameter on the above points: fund disbursement happens.  Still in doubt, before the application, you can always call us to understand the complete process and get an insight into the concept of joint personal loans. 

Joint Loans

Benefits Of Joint Loans

Joint loans are popular due to some reasons. The capacity to offer some significance in financial lives makes them attract numberless borrowers. Here are several benefits –

  • Easy approval - Loan approval is easy due to the double income factor. With increased repaying, capacity acceptance on the loan application is always easy.
  • Borrow big - You can borrow a larger amount than what you can get with individual affordability. It helps fulfill financial needs with ease.
  • Repay easily - The repayments are easy to make because the obligation distributes between the applicants and installments are small.
  • Inexpensive deals - It is easier to get funds on concessional rates because the lender has doubt shield against default threat.

How We Design Best Offer On Joint Loans For You?

Our aim is your financial well-being, and that calls for our attention on certain elements to customize a good deal for you –

  • We try to give you the maximum amount according to your affordability if the current financial behavior is spotless.
  • We want you to save on interest rates and try to offer the shortest deal. We make sure the installments should be small.
  • If an applicant has a poor credit score, we offer due suggestions to improve credit score to attain a lower interest rate.
  • We make the loan deal less bulky by applying the ‘no prepayment charges’ policy to help you if you want to pay off early.

Every joint loan deal we offer is rational as we take out our conclusions through the joint loan calculator. We believe it is necessary to provide reasonably priced financial solutions and keep away every doubt. 

Chances For Bad Credit People On Joint Loans

Bad credit situation can be a bitter reality for many of you, but aonefinance does not let it hamper your financial rights. We provide joints loans with bad credit on a simple condition. One of the two borrowers should have a good credit score; in that case, we can overlook the poor credit rating of the other one.

To help you get the most from our loan offers, we find it necessary that one of the two applicants should have a flawless financial record. That brings good offers and discounts on the deal, and the rate of interest can below, and the installments are small.

Tips for applying for joint loans with bad credit – 

  • Keep the personal finances in good health, and do not make the lender create any doubt due to any delayed payment in other debts. Try not to max out credit cards as that destroys the balance of personal financial condition and may push you into the debt trap. 
  • The one with bad credit should keep the other payments on time in the last six months to show improved financial behavior. Debt management and bill payments of past months should be perfect. 
  • Do not change the job just before applying for the funds in case of bad credit. It is necessary to prove employment stability. It becomes even more important if the amount of the loan is big or the applicants want to borrow for a longer tenure. 
  • Do not make many applications as that leaves multiple search footprints, and the poor credit person may face rejection. One should always try to act credit hungry in front of finance companies as that creates doubt on financial stability. 

You can apply either with a friend or a family member. Normally in the case of the latter one, the applicants apply with their partner through joint couple loans. We are liberal and have no constraint on who can be the loan partner in your application. If you can afford the funds, nothing should stop you from availing funds. 

Apply For Joint Loans

Our joint loan application process is simple, quick, and friendly to multiple devices. Desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile, whatever medium you use to borrow money, our online platform is backed-up with the advancements of artificial intelligence.

  • Click on ‘Apply Now
  • Fill the one-page application form (only basic financial details required)
  • Receive the approval decision INSTANTLY
  • Once approved, money reaches to the bank account in a short while

With a 100% paperless procedure, you can borrow money smoothly and without making any physical appearance at our office. 

Joint Loan Application
You will have an overdraft facility if you open a joint account with us.
Every year there will be an exclusive discount offer for you on joint loans.
No constraint of purpose, wedding to a car purchase, borrow for any reason.

Aonefinance aims to deliver the best financial services to the joint borrowers with less or no hassle of the procedure. Our relationship managers give you personal attention and chase every possibility to offer a relatable and affordable deal. Contact us to avail of funds with the convenience of the speedy online process.

Representative example
  • Amount of Borrowing

    £2,500 over 1 Year
  • A Variable Representative of

    11.8% APR
  • Monthly Repayment Amount


Borrowers must be UK residents and aged 18 or over. Credit limits and interest rates vary based on your individual circumstances.

Keep in mind: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems.
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